Ya Allah
Ya muhammad saww
Ya Ali a.s Adrekni. Ya Mehdi a.s Alajal
  • 28th Rajab

    Watan Se Aazim_e_ Safar Hoa Nainwa Ki Taraf,
    Aftab_e_ Harram Dhalta Ha Karbala Ki Taraf.28 Rajab (60 Hijri)

  • 22nd rajab

    22 RAJAB Mubarik.

    Kehte jo ho k Marg pe Gham na kiya karo

    Lo Ajj Teri maani,
    Mubarak ho Jashan-e-Marg.

  • sayeda313:

    Ya Mahdi Adrikni

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  • Mir hassan mir in the grave of shaheed Sibte jaffer

  • [Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 1700]
  • "Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Courage is a ready victory and an obvious virtue.’"
  • shi3iya:

     O’ Aba Abdallah, O Husain, son of ‘Ali, O Martyr O descendant of the Messenger of Allah, O decisive argument of Allah over mankind, O our chief, O our master, We turn towards thee, seek thy intercession and advocacy before Allah, we put before you our open need, O intimate of Allah, Stand by us when Allah sits in judgement over us.

    — Dua’a Tawassul

    Ya allah humen bhe ye dekhna naseeb kar

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  • Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (as)

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  • "If I cut a faithful Muslim into pieces to make him hate me, he will not turn into my enemy and if I give all the wealth of this world to a hypocrite to make him my friend he will not befriend me. It is so because the Holy Prophet has said: “O Ali! No faithful Muslim will ever be your enemy and no hypocrite will ever be your friend."
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    Do not forget that while you are writing, you are on a path that is finer than a hair and sharper than a sword.

    Yesari Mehmed Es’ad Efendi

    This is how shia Muslims look like

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